Lalo’s I love My Taco Chop & Grill is a mobile food truck that sells AUTHENTIC Mexican tacos & burritos to Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.


These are “Chicago Style” tacos and burritos which are all homemade!!!
How to eat Lalo’s “Chicago Style” Tacos & Burritos:

You start from the twisted top and work your way down.
Use the tinfoil as your plate.
Then all you do is throw it away.
We try to keep trash to a minimum; no plates or utensils.


  • Lalo Taco
    Served on a Soft Corn Tortilla w/ Marinated Beef Steak OR Marinated Chicken
  • Lalo Burrito
    Served on a Flour Tortilla w/ Homemade Pinto Beans
    & Marinated Beef Steak OR Marinated Chicken
  • Lalo Veggie Burrito
    Served on a Flour Tortilla w/Homemade Pinto Beans & Seasoned Veggies
  • Lalo Taco Salad
    Made with Marinated Beef Steak OR Marinated Chicken and toppings
  • Mexican Coke
    Try  a refreshing Mexican Coke.

    It is made with

    real cane sugar!

  • Mexican Sprite
    Try a refreshing Mexican Sprite.

    It has real cane sugar!

  • Jarritos
    Orange, Fruit Punch

    And Lime Flavored! 

  • Water

    cold agua!


Lettuce, Cheese, Sour Cream & *Homemade Salsa

*Mama O’s Family Recipe

~Credit Cards Accepted
~Prices are subject to change without notice


Wonderful tacos! Mouthwatering delicious!

Colleen Tomaszewski Cook

Lalo’s came out to support Yukon Pet Care Clinic’s fund raiser. A dog named Max was in serious need of care after being bitten by a snake. Thank you for coming out for Max! We loved the tacos and burritos! We couldn’t get enough!

Crisa Manning Schroeder

Lalo’s served at a private lunch for teachers in a Yukon Elementary School. We loved it!!! Thanks so much for coming 🙂

Aubrie Eaves


Contact Lalo’s Taco Chop
(405) 535-7532
Mobile Food Truck

Yukon, Oklahoma 73099